Due to sudden advancements in technology, organizations have become more productive, efficient, and generate a better return on investment.

Previously, organizations had to dig through several spreadsheets for information. That is when Microsoft Dynamics 365 came to use, which took care of various aspects like:

  • Security
  • Data analytics
  • Collaboration tools and,
  • Skilled resources to help a non-profit

You must be aware that nonprofits have to deal with several processes and solutions which need to be smart and secure.

Most importantly, these solutions must be customizable to their unique business workflows. Well, that is why Microsoft Dynamics is a saving grace for them!

Below, I have gathered the most important reasons which will make Dynamics 365 a better choice for non-profits. 

  1. Single unit database

Non-profits have to deal with multiple departments at the same time. In fact, there are instances, where they have to handle tons of information simultaneously.

Dynamics 365 CRM serves as a platform dealing with all departments using a single database. Hence, it serves as a single unit for all operations, giving you a 360 view across departments avoiding data silos

  1. Custom-made systems

One of the major setbacks of previous management solutions is that, as a non-profit, you have to adjust your business according to features provided by the software.

With the release of Dynamics 365 CRM, you can customize the systems and amend them the way you want! Furthermore, the use of pre-built accelerators makes the process even faster!

  1. A single dashboard for interactions.


Non-profit organizations consist of entities like volunteers, constituents and beneficiaries who need to interact among themselves.

Dynamic 365 CRM helps by providing a single platform where all these interactions can take place at any given point in time. It truly creates a 360- degree span of organization on a single dashboard!

  1. Easy integrations

Dynamics 365 is capable of integrating across Microsoft offerings and 3rd parties. Some of them are:

  • Dynamics GP
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft application office
  • Third party applications (QuickBooks, Mailchimp, HubSpot )
  • Gmail or Google calendars
  1. Better management of market surveys

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can certainly enhance your email marketing capabilities. It works with add-ons which help to track responses, send emails, click-thru rates and even, arrange information.

  1. Effectively manage grants

In a lot of non-profits, the grant management system is poorly managed.

With the advent of Dynamics 365 Grant Manager accelerator, employees can track the process from the start till it is released and deployed at the organization.

Moreover, it is a budget-friendly tool which allows you to automate renewals and reminders by keeping them visible to others as well.

  1. Acknowledging gifts with Dynamics 365

Another amazing feature Dynamic 365 offers is custom gift acknowledgments to your constituents.

All you need to do is set a specific email template which will automatically fill in their receipt information and boom! You’re done.

Donation receipts can also be sent immediately after a donation is made.

  1. Tracks donors’ progress

Dynamics 365’s business process flows provide a proper structure to your Moves Management process. It directs you and aids in collecting crucial data points which are required at every stage.

  1. A budget friendly tool

When you have an inadequate budget in hand and limited resources, Dynamic 365 Nonprofit Accelerator is a reasonable solution.

Being cost-effective, it is designed to solve the most pressing scenarios which nonprofits face while working on their cause.

  1. Maintains confidentiality

Microsoft Dynamics 365 works with full confidentiality and protects your data according to standards set by Microsoft’s security team.

It is a General Data Protection Regulation compliant product that will have data backup options which will guard you against any disastrous loss.

Take away

So to summarize, Dynamics CRM technology must be your go-to option when considering non-profits.

It is a single platform, where you can manage all your interactions, track donors’ progress, customize your systems, and what not?

That too, with a very low price as compared to its competitors. It is truly a saving grace for everyone, That’s just Microsoft giving back to NfPs Want to know more? Comment below.

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