How Tech Mentor will help me?

Tech Mentor’s major aim is to mentor and help (as the name suggests) so, you grow in Microsoft Ecosystem.

How can I get help/ support for my existing CRM or ERP solutions?

If you are looking to migrate from legacy to cloud or dynamics CRM to dynamics 365, reach out to us we’ll provides end-to-end migration assistance and suggest the road map and help you through your journey.

Which industries does Tech Mentor has expertise in?

Tech Mentor is known to be Microsoft cloud solutions expert. We served different industries such as Manufacturing, Finance, Non-Profits, Retail, etc.

How can I Join Tech Mentor community?

Tech Mentor provides free community training. You can sign up to join the Tech Mentor community.

How much does it cost to Join Tech Mentor community?

Its free!

Is there any social media presence of Tech Mentor?

Yes, we are very much active on LinkedIn, but you can also reach out and follow us via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as well.

Or you can join our Microsoft Community here: Gujarat Power Platform UG – Power Platform Community (

What do I do if I have a questions that is not answered by these FAQs?

If you have a specific question that this FAQ does not address, please email us with as many details as possible.

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