Identifying and screening prospects, as well as developing these prospects to the buying process, are undeniably important aspects of sales and marketing. When you have more than 50 prospects, a database is no longer feasible. You’ll need CRM software to methodically manage and organize your contacts, with accessibility from everywhere, on any platform, at any moment.

You also need a system that is consumer-oriented and has the capabilities that are most important to your organizational objectives. Dynamics 365 is one such CRM solution.

1. Data Transfer Made Simple data-import

It’s highly aggravating to transfer all of your existing data to a new system. Consumers aren’t waiting for you to work out the software. The moment you start to relax on your prospects, your competitors will pick up the phone and approach them. You shouldn’t have to stress regarding how lengthy

the importation will require or if it will be organized once it’s finished with Dynamics 365.

Alternatively, you can categorize data sources and integrate them all at once, or you can transfer data in stages as needed. The spreadsheet has invariable connectivity with Dynamics 365.

2. The Correct Method of Telemarketing

There are a thousand different ways to ask a client a question, and then there’s the proper approach. It’s easy to waste a whole day dialing calls and answering all the incorrect queries. You’re unsure why you aren’t meeting your target when it comes way to monitoring quarterly outcomes.

Are you the one calling the shots? The procedure does not end with phone calls. Because your consumers are also getting offers from your competition, you must develop ways to set yourself apart.

The procedure stream UI in Dynamics 365 is a distinction. Yes, it encourages you to ask the correct questions to locate and approve fresh lead generation.

3. Extremely Practical

Everyone is on the move in today’s modern online realm. To maintain contact, all you require is a handheld app. As a consequence, anybody, at any time, can function from anywhere–and many individuals do. You could be out in the bush when a client contacts you. So, what exactly should you do? You can’t urge them to wait until you phone the headquarters for some additional info.

You must take advantage of the situation and strike. Because Dynamics 365 is virtualized, you can accomplish all of this and more. As a result, you may retrieve customer data and update CRM systems from everywhere.

Dynamics 365 also interfaces with the Microsoft Office applications because it is a Microsoft product. The integration will be stressed.

4. Simple Integration

Because Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft service, it may be linked to the Microsoft Office suite and SharePoint repositories. As a result, submitting estimates, RFPs, and mails is simple and efficient. You can keep all of your Office designs in one place and utilize them as needed.

You could, for example, have a Christmas theme that you can customize based on segments, and then a new custom template. The options are truly limitless. But wait, there’s more. Every Microsoft Outlook mail, both read and delivered, is tracked by Dynamics 365.

5. Stage-by-stage tracking

Every approved prospect passes through the sales pipeline and advances through various phases. As a consequence, a cold lead might have a distinct dialogue than a warm lead.

Skilled salesmen recognize the need of tailoring discussions to the right level of the sales pipeline. The real kicker is that Dynamics 365 keeps a record of each change as it progresses via your pre-determined stages.

With gate phases, you may make rules. Prospects will not be able to advance to the next level unless they have met all of your standards. Consider how much time you’ll save by avoiding uncertainty and retracing. You can make sure that your messages are suited to the present phase of the call.

6. Keep an eye on your competitors

You must monitor your exchange rate to be effective in marketing. However, you must be aware of your rivals’ advantages and flaws. It’s difficult to conduct comparative analysis when you’re busy trying to make calls and presenting all day.

Dynamics 365 recognizes this and provides a function that allows you to establish thorough accounts for all of your rivals, revealing effective sales possibilities and customers on which they are focusing. You can incorporate details about their advantages and disadvantages.

7. Dashboards for Sales in Real-Time

When concluding a transaction, extending an agreement, or repairing an item, you must arrive on time. Only a structure that allows you to make educated decisions will allow you to do so. Dynamics 365 displays genuine marketing interfaces, as well as KPI visualizations, charts, analytics, and more.

These types of data sources can aid in understanding your clients’ wants and even predict difficulties. It has the potential to boost client happiness and retention.

8. Incorporation of social networks

Transactions can be made in the face, over the telephone, internet, or even on social networks in today’s computerized world. You should also be aware of what your customers and leads are stating about your business on social networks. To accomplish this, Dynamics 365 interfaces with Microsoft Social Listening. You can hearken to a variety of opinions or even participate in the discussion. You have the chance to transform a cold prospect into a potential lead by engaging. Furthermore, social listening insights can aid in the

transformation of your conversations and sales tactics to one that is more consumer-oriented and tailored.

9. Organize Customer Events

Live demonstrations, meal sessions, and other activities for clients and prospects may be offered by your salesmen. All of these events provide an opportunity to contact people in person and demonstrate how your goods and services connect with their company objectives and aspirations.

To justify the money and time spent, the activities must, of obviously, have respectable performance. Dynamics 365 has capabilities that help you manage activities from start to finish, from strategy to implementation and follow-up. Among the features are:

  • Follow-up communications that are sent automatically
  • The number of people who showed up was recorded.
  • generation of leads
  • Transfer of registration

There is no purpose to keep a record of your venue’s outcomes. Alternatively, you can use Dynamics 365 to enter authentic data and receive real-time updates.

10.Lead Rating by Computer

It can be impossible to properly evaluate each of the hundreds or even thousands of fresh prospects you receive every month. That would be a completely futile endeavor. Why not delegate lead scoring to Dynamics 365?

Because it’s critical to know which prospects are prepared to sell, Dynamics 365 will dynamically rate each prospect set based on your evaluation metrics. As a result, prospects are always allocated to the appropriate person at the appropriate time.

Finally, Dynamics 365 enables you to acquire, organize, filter, retrieve, and evaluate leads more quickly than your competitors. It’s also cloud-based and user-friendly. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and Office 365. Dynamics 365 is also a CRM frontrunner since Microsoft wants to serve as a marketing representative. Are you prepared to increase your revenues?

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